M/V Dora

Though constructed in Tacoma, WA, the Dora is truly Alaskan tough. Built in 1990 for the lower Cook Inlet salmon fishery, she has sailed Alaskan waters as a commercial gillnetter from Cook Inlet to Bristol Bay and the Shumagin Islands. Forty-five feet in length and fourteen feet wide, she has served more recently as a research boat for killer whale scientists in the Aleutians and the Pribilof Islands, and as a camera boat for The Discovery Channel & National Geographic TV filming wildlife in the eastern Aleutians. She continues to be chartered as a research support vessel for universities and other organizations, and is now being offered to carry adventurous birders into Kenai Fjords National Park & Prince William Sound. A real Alaskan work boat, the Dora is not luxurious, but she is strong, safe and comfortable. She has a huge back deck, a commodious flybridge, walk-around decks, twin-engine reliability, and ample interior space for passengers and crew.  A 12.5' rigid hull inflatable complements the Dora for shore excursions or short cruises from the mothership.

M/V Dora at Work