Alaska Seabirds

Early Seabirds - 2019

Red-faced Cormorant - Natoa Island - 4/2/19

Red-faced Cormorant - Natoa Island - 4/2/19

Here is an early update of seabirds showing up in the Resurrection Bay - Chiswell Islands area:

Pelagic Cormorants: Here in abundance and many looking quite spiffy with their shiny greenish-black plumage and bright white rump patches.

Red-faced Cormorants: Several seen near nesting locations at Rugged and Natoa Islands.

Black-legged Kittiwakes: Here in abundance. An estimated 8,000 were seen at their nesting cliffs around Cape Resurrection late last week and thousands more in the Chiswells on April 2nd. While they are common at the nest sites now, it’ll be at least another month before they starting building new nests.

Pigeon Guillemots: Many, perhaps 100 or more, now hanging out nearshore at various locations around Resurrection Bay.

Common Murres: Hundreds to thousands between Cape Resurrection and the Chiswells. Very few still in winter plumage.

Marbled Murrelets: These little ones are year-round residents in Resurrection Bay but not in great numbers over the past month.

Ancient Murrelets: A few seen 1 to 2 miles from Chiswell Island on April 2nd.

Not here yet but expected in another 2 to 6 weeks: Horned and Tufted Puffins, Rhinoceros and Parakeet Auklets, Thick-billed Murres, and more.

Pigeon Guillemots - Resurrection Bay - 4/1/19

Pigeon Guillemots - Resurrection Bay - 4/1/19

Bristle-thighed Curlew appears in Seward - 5/9/18


I stumbled across this "rare and enigmatic bird" early morning 5/7/18 out on the Seward airport mudflats.  A fantastic find as it has never before been reported for the Seward area.  This bird winters on tropical islands in the south Pacific and nests in western Alaska.  Fewer than 10,000 are thought to currently exist.  See additional details at